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We want to assist you in removing your open or paid IRS or California tax liens and open . In June 2012, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) instituted a new program where after paying a past due tax bill a consumer can have the paid tax liens removed from the credit report. The intent is to have consumers pay their past due tax liens and increase collection revenue.

Our firm routinely represents clients in this situation. Our consumer attorney will petition the IRS to have your paid tax liens removed. We do not negotiate the amount that is to be paid. We only represent clients that have already paid the tax liens in question. As long as the program requirements are met, the IRS will send the consumer and our firm a confirmation letter in the mail in about 30 to 45 days. The letter will state that the liens have been removed.

To qualify to have the paid IRS tax liens removed, a consumer must:

  • Consumer must have paid the tax liens in question. The IRS will not remove them mid payment plan. They can only be removed when completely paid.
  • Consumer must be current on this year’s taxes.
  • Consumer must have the last three years taxes filed with no outstanding balance due.
  • There must be a compelling reason that the United States Treasury would agree to remove these paid tax liens. Some examples are to borrow money to expand a business, to borrow money to hire more employees, to borrow money to buy more equipment, to raise the credit score to purchase a larger home or other consumer type item.

If you have any questions about having and IRS lien removed from your credit report, please call us at (714) 699-9696 or email

A client hired our firm to petition the IRS to remove over $200,000 in paid IRS tax liens. The client needed a faster than normal response time because the client won a large staffing contract. They needed to hire employees immediately and needed a bank loan to assist. We were able to explain the situation to the IRS and obtained the deletion letters in about 15 working days. The client was able to close on the business line of credit on time and hire employees needed to work the contract.

We offer competitive, flat fee pricing. We offer discounts when handling more than one issue for a client and allow payment plans. For our fees we will:

  • Obtain the necessary documents to evaluate your situation
  • Prepare the tax lien withdrawal requests and write letter of explanation to IRS.
  • File requests in person or via mail
  • Represent client with IRS in an attempt to remove the paid IRS tax lien.

The above fees do not include the filing of a lawsuit against the IRS.