Consumer Credit Attorneys

Helstowski and Helstowski Law Firm represents California Consumers against debt buyers, debt collectors, and creditors that use bad tactics that violate California and Federal law. We fight hard for you.

  • Put our knowledge and experience to work for you

  • Let our attorneys guide you to a better outcome

  • We can give you legal options

  • For FDCPA, FCRA, Rosenthal Act violations we offer contingency representation

  • Most services have No Hourly Fees. Easy Payment Plans.

We handle all issues surrounding credit reporting and legal liabilities including:

Many of our California clients have hired credit repair companies or tried to restore their credit themselves. Their efforts have failed for various reasons but mainly because the credit repair system of disputing at the credit bureaus did not achieve their goals.

Helstowski and Helstowski Law Firm offers different solutions and services for California residents. A consumer credit attorney can help you decide your options and then tailor services to meet the client’s needs. We recognize that writing a form letter to a credit bureau or a creditor does not work in all situations. We have trained Attorneys and Legal Assistants work for the client until completion. Using relationships at the debt collector or creditor, we can usually expedite a response. We are not a letter writing mill that waits for the creditors to respond when it is most convenient for them. Most creditors and debt collectors have assigned legal counsel or compliance officers to our firm to resolve our client’s issue. We do not get lost in the system.

You should hire Helstowski and Helstowski Law Firm because we offer:

  • Direct Communication Creditors, Debt Collectors, and Credit Bureaus must speak directly to us. In fact, once notified, they can not communicate directly with you. Collection phone calls and mailings should stop!
  • Timeliness Once hired, an attorney and paralegal will be assigned to your case. Work will begin immediately and you will be kept informed of progress. We do not waste time with form letters hoping a creditor responds.
  • Enforce Your Rights As a law firm we can allege violations and file a lawsuit if necessary to achieve your goals.
  • Settle Debts Law firms can represent you in negotiating and settling your debts with your creditors.
  • Debt Lawsuits We can represent you if a creditor files suit AND we can file suit against a creditor if needed. We have been involved in hundreds of lawsuits through the years.
  • Representation We represent you and your interests. We are not hired by someone else that may not be looking out for your best interests.
  • Accountability Law firms must comply with the State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct. Complaints can be made to the State Bar of Texas through a well established grievance process. Our attorneys have had no grievances reported against them.
  • Established We have dealt with creditors since day one. Our Attorneys and paralegals are very experienced in dealing with creditors and credit bureaus.
  • Experience We represent clients against their creditors in and out of court. Our experience allows us to understand trends to best assist our client in resolving their credit issues.

For most issues, we can quote you a flat fee price before we begin work. Pricing is based on the creditor or debt collector and the amount of work we anticipate it will take to resolve your credit issues. If legal fees extend beyond $500.00 we allow convenient monthly payment plans. Make an appointment