We make Title Companies look good

  • You are referring to the Helstowski & Helstowski Law Firm

  • We help settle judgments and last second items that appear on the credit report before closing

  • We can often do our job quickly as to not delay closing.

  • We can help settle for a deletion from the credit report with most judgment creditors

  • Save your clients money and they will love you.

Judgment Settlement / Lien Release

We will help a client with their judgment. They can either settle or try to Vacate the Judgment. Some  states may allow for more options.

What we do:

  • We set the appropriate expectation with the client.
  • We contact the Plaintiff’s attorney or settlement company.
  • We negotiate the best deal to be had given time frame / circumstances OR we fight the lawsuit in court.
  • We write a professional hardship package on the clients behalf that often gets better results.
  • If the client settles ,we follow-up with client to make payment to creditor’s law firm.
  • Obtain paid letters, release of judgments, or  deletion letters to give to client.
  • Because we know the law firms and company and have done this thousands of times before, we often can do it faster.
  • Flat fees with convenient payment plans.

  • No hourly fees

  • We know how and have the relationships to achieve fast results.

Debt Settlement Quick

We will help clients settle their debt, ideally for a deletion or removal from the credit report. Often because of our relationships with creditors we are able to achieve results others can not.  Clients are  hiring us for speed, efficiency, and results.

What we do:

  • We set the appropriate expectation with the client letting them know anticipated settlement amount and our cost.
  • We contact the creditor or debt collector directly
  • We negotiate the best deal to be had given time frame and circumstances
  • We follow-up with client to make sure payment is received.
  • Obtain paid letters and deletion letters to give to client and you.
  • Usually less than 30 day turn time

  • Often receive deletions / removal from credit report

  • We DO NOT charge a percentage of savings

  • Clients pay creditors directly

  • Flat Fee pricing with payment plans

States we work in
States we work in

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